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Having grown up on job sites with his father, Stephen was raised designing and building anything that could be imagined. Add to that 52 episodes on the HGTV show, The Outdoor Room, and it's clear that he brings an endless variety of experiences and inspirations to draw from.

Excellence and Professionalism 

Knowing how to communicate with clients is quite possibly the most important aspect of the entire process. Being able to build beautiful pieces doesn't do any good if the desires and needs of the client are not understood and met. Often, the client isn't 100% certain of what they want, and being able to guide them through the design process is the elusive ingredient that ensures success.

built-in with reclaimed wall

Stephen was a licensed general contractor for 10 years, in CA, under Zimpel Brothers Builders, the company name that was his father's since 1973. Zimpel Brothers has been a family tradition for over 40 years and hopefully will be passed on to the next generation.

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